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North Star Promise Scholarship Program

Starting Fall 2024, the North Star Promise (NSP) Scholarship Program will provide eligible Minnesota residents a tuition-free path to a college education. social_northstarpromise_2023.png

Am I eligible

To be eligible for the North Star Promise Scholarship program, students must:

  • Be a Minnesota resident
  • Have a family Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) as reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Attend a Minnesota public higher education institution or Tribal College
  • Not be in default on a state or federal student loan
  • Be enrolled, taking at least one credit
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards
  • Have not already earned a baccalaureate degree
  • Be enrolled in a program or course of study that applies to a degree, diploma, or certificate
How do I apply?

There is no additional application beyond the FAFSA. Saint Paul College will assess your eligibility semester-by-semester and award NSP Scholarships to all eligible students.

How much aid can I receive?

There is no limit on the maximum term, yearly, or lifetime dollar amount of an award you can receive. The amount you receive is based on the "last-dollar" calculation of your eligibility on a term-by-term basis. You can receive up to 100% of the amount charged in tuition and required fees per term, minus all other sources of gift aid you receive.

What is a "Last-Dollar" Scholarship?

A "last-dollar" scholarship is designed to cover any remaining tuition and fee costs that aren't covered by other scholarships, grants, and tuition waivers. Before determining the amount of your "last-dollar" scholarship, these programs consider any other non-repayable financial aid—termed "gift aid"—that you may receive. "Gift aid" includes scholarships, grants, stipends, third-party payments, and tuition waivers, but not loans or work-study. The objective of these scholarships is to maximize the use of available funds and offer as many qualifying students as possible a route to a college education without the burden of tuition and fees.

What if I have more questions?

The North Star Promise Scholarship program is managed by the Office of Higher Education (OHE) in Minnesota. You can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the official OHE website, or send an email directly to

The Financial Aid team at Saint Paul College is always available to answer questions about this program or other financial assistance options. To get in touch with them, email:

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