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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

PSEO enables eligible Minnesota high school Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in public, nonpublic, or home schools to take college classes for high school and/or college credit in order to promote rigorous academic pursuits and provide a wider variety of course options.

Students may attend part-time (11 or fewer credit hours) or full-time (12+ credit hours) during the fall and/or spring semesters. Tuition, fees, and required textbooks and materials are covered at no cost to the student.

Final Application Deadline May 31 November 30
New & Transfer Student Class Registration Begins
Late March
Early November
Current Saint Paul College PSEO Student Class Registration BeginsEarly March

Things to Consider & Advantages of PSEO at Saint Paul College

Advantages of PSEO at Saint Paul College
  • Save money on higher education – PSEO covers required books/materials, tuition, and fees
  • Flexible scheduling – in-person or online classes, part- or full-time attendance options
  • Complete the following types of degrees at SPC as a PSEO student and join the workforce after high school and/or continue to work towards a 4-year degree
    • Certificates (5-33 credits)
    • Diplomas (30-72 credits)
    • Associates (60 credits)
  • Transferability – students can transfer the credits earned at SPC to other institutions
  • One-on-one Advising – students can meet with the PSEO Coordinator for advising on what classes to take each semester and to plan for their educational goals post-PSEO
  • Take advantage of College services to aid in your success (see College Services Information in the side menu)
  • Get involved on campus through our student clubs and associations

Interested in pursuing a major as a PSEO student? Look through our Academic Programs

Things to Consider of PSEO

Before applying for PSEO, students should speak with their high school Counselor, parents, or guardians and ensure you understand the following:

  • College academics at a faster pace
    • PSEO students will need to be able to commit 2-3 hours of study time for every hour of class
  • PSEO students are responsible for balancing their high school, college, and personal responsibilities
  • Successful PSEO students seek help and support when needed and have good time management skills
  • Financial responsibility
    • Although the PSEO program covers the cost of required tuition and textbooks, you may need to purchase other items not covered by PSEO funding. Non-consumable supplies (supplies that are not “used up” during the course but remains fully intact) are the responsibility of the PSEO student and may include but are not limited to equipment, tools, calculators, or uniforms. Certain courses may have additional fees or certification exam expenses. These extra fees may exist beyond normal tuition and fee coverage of the PSEO program and are the responsibility of the PSEO student.
    • Please be advised that while textbooks and some materials are covered, any that are not returned to the college by the deadline in good condition will become the student’s responsibility and the student will be billed. This bill must be paid out of pocket; it is not covered by the PSEO program.
  • PSEO students are responsible for communicating with their high school Counselor regarding their high school related questions and SPC’s PSEO Coordinator regarding college related questions
  • Transportation is not covered by the PSEO program, students should provide their own transportation to the college (or participate in online classes)
    • Bus 21 stops near the Saint Paul College campus.

Eligibility Requirements for PSEO

10th Grade – Sophomores

  • 2.8+ unweighted high school GPA
  • Verify you received a "M- Meets the Standards" or "E- Exceeds the Standards" (850 or higher) on 8th grade MCA Reading test.
    • 10th grade students who did not take the 8th grade MCA reading exam should notify PSEO staff when submitting their application via email and may take Saint Paul College's Reading/English assessment as an alternative.

11th Grade – Juniors

  • 2.8+ unweighted high school GPA

12th Grade – Seniors

  • 2.8+ unweighted high school GPA

19-21-year-old high school students should follow the 12th grade criteria. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining admission steps.

Students must meet the requirements and prerequisites for the course(s) they wish to enroll in.

Application Steps

Students are encouraged to submit their complete application materials before the class registration begins in order to have the most course options. The closer to the PSEO application deadline students submit materials, the fewer course options they have.

Submit documents in PDF or Word formats to Students can use Microsoft Office Lens (App Store or Google Play) to convert images/photos to PDF and Word files then save them and attach them to an email. Please do not mail or submit applications in person at this time.

Applicants will be notified of application decision via email after 5-10 business days once completed PSEO application is received.

  1. Apply to Saint Paul College
    • Record your Star ID and password in a safe place, you will need this information
    • If you have applied to SPC before, look up your Star ID here
  2. Complete the MDE PSEO Notice of Student Registration & PSEO Book Contract Forms
  3. Gather the following document(s) based on grade level
    • Sophomores
      • Email Official High School transcript showing cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.8 or greater
      • Copy of 8th grade Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores showing passing Reading score (850+)
    • Juniors & Seniors
      • Email Official High School transcript showing cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.8 or greater
  4. Email all required documents before the PSEO application deadline to

19-21 year old high school students follow the 12th grade criteria. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining Admission steps.

After Submitting Your Application

Students will be contacted via email 5-10 business days after a completed PSEO application is received regarding application decision.

  • Admitted applicants will be emailed an acceptance letter with a link to register for mandatory PSEO Orientation
    • Admitted students that do not attend PSEO Orientation by the deadline in their acceptance email can not participate in PSEO
  • Denied applicants may re-apply for the following semester if they are still enrolled in high
  • Accepted students will transition into the PSEO program by completing the following:
    • Register for Classes
      • First speak with your high school Counselor regarding graduation requirements
    • Activate Saint Paul College email (official means of communication with PSEO students)
    • Order Required Books/Materials
    • Attend PSEO Orientation
    • Obtain Saint Paul College ID
    • Complete the Sexual Violence Prevention Training (via D2L)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

PSEO students are held to the same policies as undergraduate college students.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): All students must meet the following requirements each semester based on their cumulative SPC credits:

  • 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Successfully complete 66.67% of cumulative attempted credits with earned grades of A, B, C, D, P, or AU

If these requirements are not met, students will be put on academic warning or in some cases suspended. If the cumulative GPA or completion rate falls below minimum standards for a second term, the student may be suspended from the College.

PSEO students not in good academic standing (such as those on academic warning, suspension, or probation) can only enroll in traditional PSEO at the approval of Saint Paul College PSEO staff.

Current PSEO Students

Current PSEO students must complete the Application Packet each semester they want to take PSEO courses at Saint Paul College. These forms must be emailed to and processed before a PSEO student can register for the following term. Allow 5-10 business days for forms to be processed before the student can register. Check your Saint Paul College email for updates.

Any current PSEO student that takes one or more semesters off will be re-evaluated for admission into the PSEO program based on current PSEO eligibility requirements. 19-21-year-old high school students follow the 12th grade criteria. Work with your high school counselor to complete and send the Verification of Extended PSEO Eligibility paperwork and complete remaining Admission steps.

Graduating PSEO Students

Continue with Saint Paul College through one of the options below:

Finish a 4-year degree through one of our Articulation Agreements. The agreement between Saint Paul College and a four-year College or University specifies that all or some credits from a particular technical diploma or degree will be accepted towards a specified four-year degree program/major of study.


Unofficial Transcripts

  • Visit
  • Click on eServices under Student Login
  • Log in with Star ID and password
  • Select Academic Records from the left side menu
  • Under Academic Records, select Unofficial Transcripts
  • Select chronological and hit "Get Academic Record"
  • View and print your unofficial transcript

Official Transcripts

Parent & Guardian Resources

Parents and guardians are welcome to join their student to learn more about the PSEO program during our PSEO Information Sessions.

Once high school students apply to the PSEO program they are protected under college, state, and federal data privacy policies and laws.

The Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 gives students the right to review records, files, and other documents containing information about the student, which Saint Paul College maintains.

Students may authorize Saint Paul College to release private information to individuals of their choosing or allow them to act on their behalf by completing the Release of Information eForm. Forms submitted by anyone other than the student will not be accepted.

Please direct any questions about this information to

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