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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

D2L Brightspace

The D2L Brightspace portal is the College’s online learning management system (or LMS).

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D2L Brightspace

Saint Paul College offers a variety of online courses:


Course is delivered through online methods including videos, discussion boards, PowerPoints and reading materials. While the course pacing is set by the instructor, it does not require students to be logged in online at a specified day and time.
Software Used for Course Delivery: D2L Brightspace


Course is delivered through online methods at a pace set by the instructor, including required synchronous online meetings. This means students must be virtually present for the course during the established course meeting times. Course attendance expectations apply to virtual attendance during these times.
Software Used for Course Delivery: D2L Brightspace and Zoom


Course is delivered through a combination of online and in-person delivery at a pace set by the instructor. In-person class meeting times are less than standard hours required for full in-person courses. In-person class meetings are at a set day and time.
Software Used for Course Delivery: D2L Brightspace


Instruction is offered in-person with remote synchronous and/or remote asynchronous options (i.e., lecture capture for remote viewing). This option is being offered for Fall 2020 at Saint Paul College on a limited basis.
Software Used for Course Delivery: D2L Brightspace and Zoom

Students must log into their courses before 11:00pm on the 7th calendar day of the course. Otherwise, you may be reported as No Show to the course and responsible for the tuition and fees.

Training and Information

We provide the following learning opportunities to assist you in becoming familiar and proficient in using the D2L Brightspace program:

Online Learning

Saint Paul College is committed to providing learning opportunities to students that are free of place or time restrictions. By utilizing the latest technology, the College delivers courses at places and times that are convenient to the student.

Is Taking an Online Course Right for Me?

If you are looking for flexibility in your schedule, then online courses may be right for you.  Consider exploring an online learning course if:

  • You are self-motivated, self-disciplined, and can usually get things done ahead of time.
  • You have easy access to a computer with a higher speed internet connection.
  • You are comfortable with technology and are familiar with Microsoft Office, web browsers, and other basic computer applications.
  • You are comfortable with following written instructions and rarely need instructor input.
  • You are able to communicate well in writing.
  • Your personal schedule allows for extra time to spend online.

Here are some additional resources available to help you decide if taking an online course is right for you:

Visit the MN Office of Higher Education for additional information on evaluating online programs.

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